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Giving her a chance…

November 27, 2009

English name: Summer Lee

Chinese name In pinyin: Li Xia Tian

Korean name in Romanization: Lee YeoReum

“All I ever wanted is a chance,” stating in her YouTube shout-out before she deleted her account today. Before promoting herself as Summer Lee, she first used the name “Summer Lou” which means Summer-star. But then after few months changed her name to Summer Lee.

She has been in some forums when there was a rumour that she will debut in a Fahrenheit film which was denied by her stating that she can’t be givn a chance. Criticized by netizens that she’s not pretty at all, she closed down her first YouTube account last summer.

“She indeed has a reat voice,” states some people who heard her posts. Still, until yesterday she wants to give up.

I, personally am amazed by her talent in composing songs and in singing of course. I hope she finds her agency anywhere here in Asia and debut.

Oh, yeah, the reason why she deleted her YouTube account is that she is opening her WordPress webpage officially tomorrow by posting her new song(well, not digitally of course. Acapella, I think) “Curious” hope you guys will liker her!<<her wordpress account

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